Welcome to TOBIAS reDesign!

We are manufacturing handmade and sustainable high-end products by order.

Our products are based on existing, natural, premium-quality 

materials (e.g. leather, lambskin and fur but also cashmere or silk) - you can bring along.

After a free analyse regarding the condition of your vintage material we spare no effort to take your piece apart, deep-clean it and refine it in order to redesign it into a newly individually tailored piece - in mint condition. 

We strive for slow fashion and progressive sustainable design. We intent to get premium materials a second life in order to bring them back to cycle.

And we love to revaluate things by making them yours. At the same time we are making lasting memories because every piece already has a story to tell but we'll give it a chance to keep on living yours.


Please note:

Every single product is an individual item.

Made by hand from natural material. It's not reproducible.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us, anytime!


We look forward to working with you!




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rethink         your wardrobe.

reduce         consumerism behavior.

reuse           the existing.

re/design     with us.